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Divisions and Trophies! Empty Divisions and Trophies!

on Wed Oct 04, 2017 11:19 pm
We proudly introduce our new system!

From now on, our clan features four Divisions with different tasks and privileges.
The above mentioned are:


You can find their descriptions and duties HERE

Every month, certain number of highest pointing members from every field is going to become Division Leaders.
Division Leaders will be able to direct the works of the clan in their respective fields, like for example hosting events, trainings, clan alliances, server settings etc. with co-operation with Clan Leaders and other members.
They will constitute a part of TOR leadership, but with dynamic rotation in place of set group of people, we (hopefully) won't run into situations where whole leadership is inactive or busy and everyone will have a chance to affect the workings of the clan. Number of Leaders for each Division might change monthly, depending on state and needs of the clan.

Furthermore, all members (even ones who are not part of Divisions Leadership) are able to contribute in any aspect based solely on their good intentions and personal skills. Every effort is welcome and will be rewarded with appropriate amount of reputation points.

Speaking of points! We're introducing our Trophy system! We know you want it...
From now, members of TOR are able to claim Trophies for their activity in clan.
Every Trophy brings a certain amount of contribution points in appropriate fields.

List of Trophies can be found on our navigation bar in "Roster & Info" tab. Right now it's only a fraction of what we're going to offer. The list is going to grow with time, and more Trophies will be announced in future.

On behalf of TOR Leaders,

Divisions and Trophies! Aeg
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