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Rules of The Outer Rim Empty Rules of The Outer Rim

on Wed Jun 07, 2017 8:41 pm
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General rules of our community.

-No disrespectful actions towards other forum users. We all are here to have fun. Racism, sexism, bigotry and any form of hateful, vulgar or obscene expressions are not allowed here.

-Respect admins/moderators decision. We're not a dictatorship, but the admins are here to keep order on forums and server. They are trusted to make good decisions, and it's not your duty to judge them.

-English is the main language of our community, please stick to it. If you use other language in global chat on server and other players ask you to change to english, you are expected to do this. If you want to keep the discussion in whatever language you want, do it with /tell. Not obeying this rule on server will end up being silenced. On forum you are expected to use English exclusively, other posts might end up being moderated.

-No advertisment of other servers, clans and communities is allowed. No recruiting allowed. This applies both to forum and server. You're not allowed to share other servers IP adresses on global chat. Disobeying this rule will be punished in most situations.

-No multiclanning. You can play on our server or use our forum and Discord server without any restrictions. However, if you wish to step in our ranks, you can't be in any other JKA clan. Our members cannot be active members in other clans.

Following rules apply on our forum:

-No spamming outside of Spam Section. Everyone is obliged to stick to the topic of the thread they are posting in. If your posts do not refer to the thread's topic, moderators might decide to remove them and/or punish you on forum.

-Do not post any offensive, disgusting, pornographic or inappropriate content. Do not use it as your avatar or signature. Disobeying this rule will end up with removal of said content or even banning your account in extreme cases.

Following rules apply on our JKA server:

-Respect others people time on the server. In game we allow everything that doesn't disturb other player's fun. If they ask you to stop something you are doing, you are expected to listen. If you keep disturbing other players, you might end up being slept, kicked or even banned.

-Use of tags: Members are expected to wear TOR tags all the time on our server, and preferably on other servers too. Although official(protected) tags are prefered, you are free to wear any tag that includes TOR initials, however you are supposed to be logged with our /clanpass. Any possible exception is creating multiple chat groups with /clanpass for purposes of hosting an event. If you don't obey this rule, admins present on the server are allowed to sleep or even kick you.

-No impresonating of clan members. You're not allowed to use any of the other members name on the server. Doing so will result in being banned from the server.

We wish you to have fun on our server and forum. Be nice to everyone and we will be nice to you!

Rules of The Outer Rim Aeg
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