Ranks & Roles


Leaders are the overseers of the community. They are responsible for managing the clan, keeping order and making important decisions. They make their best effort to shape a clan in a way that best suits needs and requests of members.


Our clan features four divisions with different fields of activity. Members are able to earn reputation points in various fields by performing certain tasks. Every notable achievement is awarded with a Trophy and a number of points in appropriate categories. Each month, certain number of most rewarded members from each category is nominated for Division Leaders. Division leaders are tasked to lead and coordinate works of the whole clan in their areas of interest. Every member is free and welcome to contribute to the clan and claim Trophies for said contributions, but Division Leaders can strongly influence the way TOR is gonna take in their respective fields.


Supervisors are members with high administrative and diplomatic skills.
They are expected to manage the clan, help new players, maintain the server, moderate the forum, solve conflicts, keep good relations with other clans and oversee the community.

Members with high reputation as supervisors are likely to have good knowledge of the clan and its workings, server and people playing on it. They might be good people to talk to if you have any questions or suggestions for the community.


Creators are people interested in creating new content for the community.
They can work in different fields such as making in-game models, maps, forum graphics, user signatures and avatars, filming JKA movies or promotional videos for the clan. They are responsible for forum and clan site looks, compiling TOR skin/map packs and similiar jobs.

Reputable creators are good people to ask for a skin, signature or avatar.


Tutors are players who not only like to expand their knowledge in different areas, but also enjoy sharing it with others.
They teach others in many aspects, ranging from gameplay skills, like saber fighting, acrobatics etc. but also modding, skinning and alike. They train people in game, organise group training sessions, create tutorials and host skill trials.

Highly rewarded tutors are likely to have a lot of knowledge they are willing to share. They are good people to ask for training or tips regarding lightsaber combat.

Honorable Ranks


Exiles is a group of seventeen members who were once all members of Elite Fighters of The Force clan, but were removed on 2nd July 2017, when a group of ex-members decided to get back and change the clan and the way it's operating. These actions gave rise to our clan, as we constituted a good part of active members who grew accustomed to each other.

These people are the founders of a clan and an initial crew we started with. Some Exiles decided to go inactive or stop playing JKA entirely, but there is always a special place for them here.